The lack of education regarding SCD is a major issue.


The Sickle Cell aWAREness Foundation (SCAF) was created as Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) has had a direct impact on Founder Spencer Ware his entire life. The trials and tribulations Spencer and his family have had to burden for years inspired Spencer to create a foundation where he can help others who have shared the same burden.

SCAF plans to raise awareness about the disease as it is not as well known in comparison to other blood diseases such as anemia or hemophilia. SCAF plans to encourage those who are victims of SCD so that they can have hope. Most importantly, SCAF plans to help find a cure for Sickle Cell Disease, as it affects millions of people through the nation.

The lack of education regarding SCD is a major issue as it inhibits doctors and health providers from providing the best services and support systems that they can to patients and families. In response to uneducated providers this leaves patients feeling hopeless, as if their life is of no value. Some soldiers of sickle cell never get to experience what a normal childhood, even adulthood feels like. Many spend most of their time in hospitals and when released they then receive home care. This restricts them from the social aspects of the world that many of us enjoy and even overlook.

THIS is why we do it.



The mission of the Sickle Cell aWAREness Foundation is to enlighten the world about sickle cell disease and be the backbone of the sickle cell community.