"As an eight year old boy I was told that my mom would only live until her twenties."


I was born with the Sickle Cell trait. I have watched my Nana raise three of her four children with Sickle Cell. One of those children happen to be my mother who has one of the most severe strands of sickle cell disease. My siblings and I have watched my mother struggle with this disease on a daily basis. We have spent days, nights, even months watching her battle this blood disease in the hospital and at home depending on the crisis.

Can you imagine what its like growing up with a mother who has sickle cell disease? Most of the world has no clue what that even means. As an eight year old boy I was told that my mom would only live until her twenties. On a daily basis I saw her in and out of hospitals followed by many sleepless nights in pain. I cannot wrap my mind around what life may look like without her.

Through her journey with sickle cell she has met many other people with the same disease. Through these relationships she has seen lives taken from this illness which have left us in fear of the unknown. As a family we lean on each other for support, enjoy the moments we share together and never take life for granted.

There are approximately 100,000 people in the United States who have SCD, and about 2 million people have the sickle cell trait. In other words one in every ten African- Americans carries the sickle cell trait. The purpose of this foundation is to educate people about this disease, encourage those who are battling with it every day and find a cure. If you’re able, we’d love it if you could make a donation of whatever amount that your Creator puts on your heart to help us achieve our mission.

-Spencer Ware